Intellectual Property

Information for Those Selling or Licensing Patents

If you want to sell your patent, you should know what it’s worth. While we can’t give you an exact valuation,  we can give you an estimation of what you are likely to be able to earn from selling or licensing your patent. The more developed an invention is, the easier it is to sell and the more money it brings. This chart will help you understand how developed your invention is and the factors that make up your valuation.


Patent Life Years of Life Remaining on Patent <5 5 10 15 20
Degree of Development How Fully Developed is the Invention Raw Idea Drawings Working Prototype Business Plan In Marketplace with Sales
Market Size How Big is the Market for This Product <$1M $2-10M $11-100M $100-500M > $500M
Investment Required How Much Money is Required to Bring this Product to Market >$10M $2-10M $100k-500k $10k-100k <$10k
Time to Market How much Time is Required to Bring this Product to Market >10 5-10 3-5 1-3 <1
Government Requirements What Government Restrictions must be Overcome FDA Stage 3 or Equivalent FDA Stage 1 or DeNuvo Simple License Minimal Requirements No Requirements
Patent Status Is the Technology Patented No Application Provissional Published Application US Only Issued US and Foreign
Competition How much Competition will this product Face Crowded with Powerful Competitors Many Competitors Weak Competitors Few Comppetitors No Competitors
Market Channel How Will this Product be Brought to Market No Channel Established Internet Sales Only Know Channels, No Current Access Established Channel Established Channel with Priority
Corporate Structure for Product How is the Technology Owned No Structure DBA LLC or University Owned SubS Corp with Investors Public Corporation